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Terms of Service and Contact

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Our social medias:

Instagram: Basspain_Fursuits

Twitter (inactive): @TheBassPain

E-Mail: (will need longer to answer)

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First of all we want to thank you for reading our Terms of Service!

Lets start with the following Things:

Do and Do not

 (Do                               )  

 (Scary/horror Suits                   

 (Artistic Liberty Suits                  

 (Fanbased Suits                          

 (Electronic Suits


We are able to ship worldwide, no matter if America, Australia etc. But please keep in mind that our studio is based in Germany, shipping and customs service can get pricey. It can even get more expensive if you order huge wings or a bodysuit, since we need bigger boxes and more space for packing your order safely.

Shipping can take like 3 days in Germany or up to 1month for example to the USA.

Time Frame

As many other makers we DO NOT work with deadlines. Making a suit can take up to 3-5months, in the worst case even a year. Please be aware that complicated suits take MUCH longer then simple ones. 

OOAK Work (“One Of A Kind”)

Every suit we make is unique so we WILL NOT take stolen or traced characters. Please come up with your own Fursonas and do not steal them. If you still try to offer us a traced/stolen design we will have to blacklist you, which will ban you from future orders.

Right to refuse service

Since the world isnt perfect we have rights to refuse our service. That applies for unfriendly and rude customers (People with bewares will directly be declined). If you start hating or harassing us we have all rights to block you. Please respect that we all are just humans and not machines. We also have bad days sometimes and need a little distance from work. Also, please be aware that we wont work on your fursuit every day. We just make fursuits as a side job.


If you have ever searched for fakefur or fabric, you may also realized that the price has doubled in many shops. Because of that we can not refund 100% of your payment. Based on your order we are only able to refund 30-40% of the price you paid. But be aware that we will sell your suit if you decide to cancel. We are not able to refund more then the said 30-40% sadly because the bigger part of the price you pay, is used for materials and their shipping. If you suit has been further in progress and is like half finished, we will have to rise the non refundable payment and send the suit as it is, even if its not at all finished.


As you may know you always get a quote before ordering a suit. 

We are not able to accept traditional Reefsheets, since the colors dont match your characters depending on which camera you/which monitor we use.

If you own a digital Reefsheet, you need at least 3 different views (side, front and back) for a suit. Please make sure your reefsheet is correct and markings dont cross over the different views. Quotes are the exact price of your suit. Please be aware that your quote has to be made in the same year as you comission us. For example: you can not use a quote from 2019 in year 2022.

Alright, congratiulations, you finished reading our TOS. Now you have knowledge about our service. To be sure we will answer to your Quote please use the word "Appletree" in your letter. This is like a "codeword" for us, so we know that you read our TOS :)

Answering can take up to a week, or longer if we arent currently home or else.

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(Dont Do                                             )


(Copyrighted/Branded Characters 

(Other Styles



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